The exhibition «Wooden House – 2018. Fall»

Russia Russia. Moscow


Russia Russia. Moscow


Russia Russia. Moscow

Development and design of the interiors of private and public buildings

Adastra DecoMat (Limited Liability Company)

Russia Russia. Moscow

3D ceilings; 3D ceilings with decorative lighting (light ceilings); 3D ceiling from a special fabric with three-dimensional optical effect with led lines; Double Vision Ceilings; Ceilings with artistic photo printing and lighting; Ceilings with textured decor; Ceilings mirror cloth; Perforated ceilings; Multilevel ceiling; Frescoes (various textures), wall murals, paintings on canvas; Stained glass, interior design elements, non-standard solutions in interior design


Russia Russia. Novgorod

The company has been operating on the market since 1995. It has its own production of wooden houses from glued and dry solid profiled timber in Novgorod and a material and technical base with high-tech equipment from Mebor, Lediniken, Makron. Dynamically developing, expanding the range of products and geography of supply.

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